Paint-less Dent Repair

Fix hail damage...
WITHOUT Damaging Your Paint


Did you just drive through a hail storm and are feeling a little depressed? Let United Dent Co. put your mind at ease.

You could spend a lot of money on repairs and a fresh paint job, OR you can get paint-less dent repair from United Dent Co.

We use careful techniques to pull out the dent without damaging the paint. This way, you can get your car back to beautiful without breaking the bank.
If you’ve never needed it, you may not know about Paint-less Dent Repair. 

What is Paint-less Dent Repair?

  • United Dent Co. uses the latest PDR technology to carefully push dents out of your vehicle
  • We use specialty PDR tools to keep the paint job intact and chip free
  • Restores the surface to pre-catastrophic conditions

Don’t waste tons of time and money on regular dent repair when you can go paint-less.

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