Auto Hail Repair

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Regardless of the extent of your repair needs, United Dent Co. can help. Our shops use paint-less dent repair (PDR) techniques to restore vehicles to “pre-catastrophic” condition when possible.Our technicians have over 25 years of experience with PDR and conventional body & paint repairs. PDR requires special tools that apply pressure slowly from the inside to work out dents. With this technique, you won’t have to pay for an expensive paint job.If you need help filing an insurance claim, we’ve got you covered there, too. Contact us right away to schedule your auto hail damage repair appointment.

Avoid a costly paint job

United Dent Co. specializes in paint-less dent & body repair services nation-wide. Our PDR services include a lifetime warranty.

Advantages of PDR include:

  • It can be completed much faster than conventional bodywork
  • It’s less expensive than conventional bodywork
  • It allows you to skip repainting your vehicle
  • It’s often covered by insurance
  • It’s eco-friendly